Raid Cacimbo 2019 excursionists recognized on July 23 last, in Catoca the contribution that the company has made to increase the country's revenues and improve the quality of life of Angolans.

In a visit to the largest Angolan mining company, excursionists highlighted the internal organization and invested in new technologies, as bases for the fulfillment of such responsibilities and the achievement of top positions in what concerns the exploration of diamonds.

According to his spokesman, Ricardo Fernandes, the objective is to get to know business units with a major contribution to the national economic balance. “Catoca it is one of the companies that contributes a lot to the national GDP, hence our interest in knowing the type of mining used ”.

On his turn, Ricardo Fernandes said he was satisfied, with an image that supersedes all current advertising. “I take an image of a company with an organization in the image of the infrastructure itself,” acknowledged the tourist.

On behalf of the Company Management, the Head of the Communication and Image Sector highlighted the gains from the point of view of institutional image, when presenting the mining enterprise to tourists.

“More than a diamond exploration company, it is important to present Catoca as a tourist spot, which can increasingly attract tourists to the country, ”reinforced the company's representative.

After being received on the football field 11 by the Production Director, João Félix, the entourage composed of 29 excursionists watched the institutional film and then headed for the operational area, where he visited some of the company's productive areas.

The Cacimbo Raid is the oldest car tour made up of Angolan and Portuguese tourists who annually travel several kilometers along southern Africa. In this 23rd, the destination is the municipality of Alto-Zambeze, Cazombo, Angolan province of Moxico.