Who we are:

The Sociedade Mineira de Catoca Lda. Is an Angolan diamond prospecting, exploration, recovery and commercialization company. Consisting of Endiama (Angola), Alrosa (Russia), and Lev Leviev International - LLI (China), Catoca it is the fourth largest mine in the world explored in the open and the largest company in the diamond subsector in Angola, being responsible for the extraction of more than 75% of Angolan diamonds.

objective (1)


Sustainably recover diamond reserves, ensuring that our products are internationally distinguished for their value and high quality, promoting economic and social development, as well as socio-environmental responsibility and a positive organizational climate, based on safe practices, values ​​and ethical principles.

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Position itself among the three largest diamond companies in the world in invoicing, deepening the value chain, through the diversification of the activity and an increasing bet on the innovation of the technological park installed in Catoca. These measures will influence the increase in production and productivity, thus creating the conditions for a rapid expansion of our area of ​​activity beyond the Angolan territory.



The values ​​that move us are those of Ethics, Respect, Trust, Security, Discipline, Solidarity, Commitment, Excellence, Innovation and Competitiveness