Mining Process

Mining is the main activity of the Company and, therefore, the support of all its action.

The mining operation started on February 11, 1997 with a Treatment Plant. Today with the start of the third mouillon of Treatment Center two, the Sociedade Miniera de Catoca it produces around eight million carats a year, extracting an average of 10 million tons of ore and 11 million m3 of waste, handling close to 18 million m3 of mining mass.

Technology used

Drilling and Detonation: Drilling is performed by a front made up of SANDVIK D45KS, Caterpillar CAT-MD6250 drills capable of drilling 220 mm holes at a depth of 60 m. There is an explosive emulsion factory with an installed production capacity of 10 tons annually.


The loading operation is carried out by excavators of different models with emphasis on CAT6040 of 22 m3, PC3000 of 14 m3, Liebherr 9350 of 18 m3, and CAT992 loaders of 9 m3. Insert a photo of the CAT6040 ladder carrying a Belaz


Fleet composed of 136 ton Belaz trucks, 100 ton trucks, and 40 ton trucks, in addition there is a conveyor belt system that covers a 5 km extension.

Auxiliary equipment:

Auxiliary work is performed by various equipment, including CAT-D11, CAT-D10, CAT motor graders. Management and operational control in real time is done using the WENCO system, which allows integrated management of assets in the mine.