The Leisure lounge registered a full house in the celebrations of the prestigious National Day of Mineiro, which was marked by the recognition by merit of some workers, by the commitment and spirit of innovation in the processes that contributed to the reduction of operating costs in the most varied service areas.

Rocha Moutinho, Lubrication Officer, inventor of a truck supply system at the mine that contributed to the rationalization of the supply time from one hour to 15 minutes, generating efficiency and saving material and human resources, saw his effort recognized with the a Hyundai I10 brand vehicle with zero km.

Satisfied by the recognition, the inventor promises to continue to work hard to contribute more assertively and innovate whenever possible for the development of the company.

The creation of travel management software for workers and visitors in service to the company to meet the needs of the general services sector and institutional relations justified the distinction of Benedito dos Santos who took a motorbike home.

The computer engineer also said that the system allows real-time control of the entire route and said he was flattered by the recognition that serves as a balm to continue to innovate for the company.

With 12 years of service Catoca, Mineiro Martinho Loanga stressed the relevance that the mining worker has in the strategic objectives of the nation, a profession that he considers painful and at the same time gratifying, for being a great support of the national economy.

The night was “small” for the euphoria of the guests who saw the musicians Gabriel Tchiema, the duo Yobass, Branca Celeste, Santos Católica, Puto Prata, Banda Maravilha and the traditional group Cianda who took the audience to exhaustion on the catwalk stage.

At the end of the event, the duo Yobass (Yola Araújo and Bass) thanked the audience of Catoca, having confessed to taking home, ”fond memories of Catoca which, by the way, is one of the companies that contributes to the national economy ”.