COVID-19: Catoca take turns after three months

In a statement sent to Jornal de Angola, the company revealed that it adopted a team rotation strategy, so that the work does not paralyze, at the same time as to safeguard the company's operation, thousands of jobs and the economic contribution.

The company's general director, Benedito Manuel, said that the relay process begins with family-based workers in Lunda-Sul, taking part of those at home to resume, remaining in confinement in the mine, with the others. to be released to fulfill social isolation with families.

The return of those with a family base in Luanda is conditioned by the lifting of the sanitary fence installed over the capital, so that it is possible for workers to move in the opposite direction.

The company, held by Angolan and Russian capitals, represents 75 percent of the total Angolan diamond production. Last year, sales amounted to US $ 740 million, with tax contributions reaching 130 million, according to data from the company's I Extended Board of Directors, held in December cited by Angop.