In order to reduce the difficulties of the Mona-Quimbundo Commune Student Home, the Social Responsibility and Relations with Communities Catoca today, Friday, February 14, 2020, donated two tons of food to that educational institution.

The batch of goods delivered consists of rice, sugar, powdered milk, cornmeal, reindeer potatoes, cooking oil and detergents. Upon receiving the donation, the Communal Director of Education, Joaquim Malinga, thanked the diamond company for its solidarity.
In addition to the lack of food, the Home faces difficulties in maintaining the facilities that are in a poor state of repair, which forced the transfer of more than 80 students from the 24 villages of the commune to a home under the supervision of the local administration.
“The Home was vandalized several times, a situation aggravated by the poor management of the old management. In order to revert the situation, we are making efforts with the Provincial Government and partners to find solutions that are based on the maintenance or even rehabilitation of the institution ”.
Rejoiced, Amândio Manuel, 19, a 9th grade student, said that the action will have an impact in the future as it contributes to the training of children. Therefore, he asked that this engagement be repeated with other institutions that face the same difficulties.
In turn, Miguel Caiambila, 17, thanked the solidarity gesture of Catoca and promised a commitment to justify everyone's efforts when they reach out to help Home.