Capturing potential suppliers, investors and financiers, especially in the mining sector, are some of the main assumptions that guided the Catoca Mining Company, led by its General Manager, Benedito Paulo Manuel to Cape Town, Cape Town, in the largest showcase of South- to join the world’s leading players in the diamond subsector.

Benedito Paulo Manuel who spoke to the Institutional presses of Endiama and other journalists, in the margins of the main hall of the Event assured that it is Catoca’s intention to attract financiers to help leverage some concessions that are in the reigns of the company that leads, mainly the concession of Luaxe .

“We recognize that it is a platform that brings together several players from mining activity. For us, it is important, above all, because we will interact with potential investors, on the other hand, we know that we have concessions that require investments, particularly the Luaxe concession that needs financing, and here we can find potential financiers, “he stressed.

Another point of no less importance for the General Manager of the largest national diamond has to do with attracting potential suppliers of services and products related to the areas of technological innovations “because we are looking for efficiency”, arguing that Indaba Mining is the ideal space to find certain offers “that can be a continuity find the answers as innovation,” he concluded.

Still according to Benedito Paulo Manuel, mining activity demands huge logistics and efficient procurement, so “we will interact with several suppliers that will allow us to somehow find the possibility of saving through renegotiation with suppliers themselves,” he predicted.

One of the great news that the Mineira de Catoca Society led to Indaba Mining is the Catoca Mining Forum that according to Benedito Paulo Manuel advanced that is planned for later this year or early next, with the prospect of bringing together in Angola the most diverse players in the industry from financiers, investors, suppliers of technology services, academics and other mining companies, in order to visualize the potential that the country boasts.