The Provincial Office of Environment, Waste Management and Community Services of Lunda Sul, headed by its Provincial Director, Carlos Isabel Ferreira, attributed yesterday, May 08 of this year, a positive note to the Mining Society of Catoca for complying strictly with the aspect related to the mitigation of environmental risks in relation to the activities generating air pollution.

In the view of the engineer and provincial director of the Lunda Sul Environment Office, Carlos Isabel Ferreira, Sociedade Catinha Mineira demonstrated maturity in the environmental protection system, in the performance of physical activities that directly impact the degradation of the environment.

“Catoca has developed considerably, in my opinion, now, it is much more concerned with the environment, and, in a way, with human health, which can serve as an example for its own province,” he acknowledged.

Another important point that attracted the attention of the auditors has to do with the qualification of the technicians in some areas where they passed, which in turn, were clear in their approaches when they were called to intervene.

In this regard, the professionals of Catoca, led by the Chief of the Environment Sector, Sabino Coqueia, announced that regardless of the activities developed by the company impact on the environment are concerned about restoring the environment.

“We are worried about leaving the environment as we find, for example, planting seedlings in areas degraded by us.”

Recall that the roadmap included the mechanic’s workshop (scrap, tires and batteries), fuel tanks, domestic, industrial, hospital and radioactive waste tanks, sewage and drinking water treatment plant, refuse containment basin, seedling nurseries and health area and the new cutting-edge technologies were among these the main assumptions and differential indicators audited with greater inclemency by the Provincial Office of Environment, Waste Management and Community Services.