The authorities of Kissama National Park, one of the municipalities of Luanda, on Saturday, May 11, invited the Sociedade Mineira de Catoca to invest in tourism in ways that would respond to the Angolan State’s plans, diversify the economy and relaunch the development.

Miguel da Silva, managing partner of the institution in an interview with the Internal Channel, the margin of the excursion of workers of Catoca beneficiaries of the package of tourist travel to that locality, considered the heads of Catoca visionaries, having advised the diamond company to take advantage of the inexhaustible potential that the country owns and diversifies its activity, investing in tourism, one of the levers held as an economic promise with great prospects in the near future.

Asked about the current state of tourism in Angola, Miguel da Silva, highlighted the potential landscape of beaches, hydrological resources allied to biodiversity as key factors that make tourism in the country one of the areas that begins to gain vitality, noting that “Although being the to observe a timid growth of the sector, but still, you can live on tourism in Angola, and surpass other countries like Mauritius, which without resources can live on tourism, “he said.

Located 75 kilometers from Luanda and 39 kilometers east of National Highway No. 01, in a surface area of ​​9,960 km², Kissama Park, which receives on average more than 400 tourists, mostly foreign, controls about one thousand animals, divided into species ranging from elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeest, alligators and others.