Who we are:

Mineira de Catoca Lda. Is an Angolan company of prospecting, exploration …

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Recovering diamond reserves in a sustainable manner, ensuring …

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Being among the 3 largest diamond companies in the world in billing; …

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– Belief; – Ethic; – Respect; – Confidence; – Safety; – Subject; – Solidarity; …

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We operate in the Angolan Province of Lunda Sul, near the city of Saurimo, about 35km away.

Sociedade Mineira de Catoca Lda. It is an Angolan company for the prospecting, exploration, recovery and commercialization of diamonds, created by initiative of the Angolan government to develop the first national kimberlito.


Corporate responsibility is fundamental in our strategic and operational thinking. We can not sustain good financial and operational performance without simultaneously achieving our goals in health and safety, environmental management, human resource development and community investment. We believe that our transparent approach to doing business is the only way to fully engage the stakeholders in a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship. Catoca understands that it is also its responsibility to seek sustainable actions for the communities where it is inserted, for society in general and for its main stakeholders, such as employees, customers and suppliers. In this way, it has developed programs in the fields of Education, Health, Culture, Sports and Leisure, Environment and Safety


Sociedade Mineira de Catoca Lda., Is committed to sustainable development and continuous improvement. This requires us to apply the precautionary principle by conducting environmental and social impact assessments for planned activities, developing appropriate management systems, and planning to minimize and monitor the adverse short- and long-term impacts of our activities on the natural environment. Our Environmental Impact Assessment for construction operations and activities describes mitigation measures to be applied to prevent or reduce significant impacts under the following key themes: biophysical, ecological, land use, socioeconomic, public health and safety, occupational health and waste. Our commitments are defined in our Quality, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Policy, which we review every two years and which was updated on October 18, 2017

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It is notable that in the Management Board all are qualified as doctors, with the exception of the Director General. On the other hand, the DGAT is not a doctor but an engineer, for example:


A Sociedade Mineira de Catoca tem como accionistas:


Endiama EP, representing the Angolan state, with a 41% stake;


Alrosa, Russian multinational company, with 41%;

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Leviev International – LLI (China), with 18%.